The Arab Women of the Year Awards

The Arab Women of the Year Awards, a prestigious new global celebration of achievement and excellence for Arab women. This will be a highly prestigious and unique event to be held in London December 2015 in cooperation with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce and London & Partners (the official promotional company for London). 


The Event focus will be to celebrate Arab women’s achievements on the international stage and to celebrate the immense contribution Arab women have made, and will inspire others to make, towards business and economic growth. The Event will provide a valuable networking opportunity for businesses from the UK and the Arab world, where guests will include Arab international business and community leaders, celebrities from cinema, music and sport, who will all come together in London to celebrate the achievements of the Arab Women.


Over 1 billion women will enter the global labour force over the next decade. Arab business women are at the forefront of global markets and their business networks will play an increasing role in promoting trade and creating jobs in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and elsewhere. It can be mentioned that in some of the more wealthy Arab countries, the number of women business owners is growing rapidly and adding to the wider economic development of their communities. Many of these women work within family businesses and are attracted to work and study in London.


Underlining the significant presence of Arab visitors to the UK economy, it is estimated that they spend some £4.5million a day in Britain.  In total last year, £1.25 billion was spent by families from the Middle East – amounting to some £25,000 for every holiday visit to the country. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, people from the Arab world represent some of the biggest spenders of all foreign visitors to Britain.