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The Arab Women of the Year Awards were started in 2014 by London Arabia Organisation in conjunction with the Mayor of London and Regents University London. 


The Awards were created to provide the opportunity to show appreciation for the incredible achievements made by Arab women across the globe. The Awards not only provide the chance for notable and beloved women to gain recognition for what they do, but they also allow for women whose achievements have gone unnoticed up until this point to be fully admired for the incredible things they have done. 


Since the Awards conception in 2014 they have grown, not only in recognition, but also in prestige. The Awards are held annually in London and the number of nominations every year now range in the thousands. Our expert Advisory Board strives to find the best women to be awarded annually and endeavour that the woman’s accomplishments be the value they are judged by, not their station in life. For that reason, the Arab Women of the Year Awards do not have set group of categories. This allows for all Arab women to be recognised, no matter their accomplishments. 


The Arab Women of the Year Awards are held in London to emit a sense of unity between the Arab world and Great Britain. They allow for the UK to show its deep appreciation of the amazing things that women do and for the Arab world. The Awards are part of a drive to show that London is, as always, open to the world. The Awards help to present London as the multicultural city that it is. These awards provide an opportunity to show that London is a hub for celebrating different cultures, different religions and different genders. 


The Arab Women of the Year Awards are hosted by London Arabia Organisation, a company which strives to create strong lasting links between the Arab world and the UK. It hopes to do this by promoting cultural understanding which will later lead to better cooperation and collaboration between the two regions. 

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